Passive Income for Mamas

353. Quantum Leap Words of Encouragement Day 2

August 15, 2023 Nellie
Passive Income for Mamas
353. Quantum Leap Words of Encouragement Day 2
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On today's episode of the Wake Up & Be Wealthy show, we will be continuing the week of sharing a sneak peak of the first 7 days of Words of Encouragement videos from our amazing Quantum Club group!

This episode touches on:

  • How to expand your comfort zone with money!
  • How this helps you make financial decisions.
  • How to visualize what it feels like to feel safe with money.

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You know, the whole focus of this month is expanding your comfort zone. So we are going to go deep this month, I mean always, but what I really want to focus on within expanding your comfort zone is expanding your comfort zone with money. So that way, throughout all the occur encouragement videos, we can go deeper and deeper and deeper, which in return will keep expanding the comfort zone, specifically for money. But please know that you can do this for so many categories, all the categories of your life and your business. So as we're talking about money, know that, oh, I could apply this to health and fitness, oh, I could apply this to relationships, I could apply this to systems in my business, I can apply this to anything, okay. But I, since this is a money membership, I really want to go deep with expanding your comfort zone around money. So I asked this before, but just in case you missed it, what is the amount of money in your bank account that makes you feel super safe? And you can answer for your business and for your personal life? So think about both, okay, and I want you to write it on a piece of paper. And then I want you to log into your bank account, and then put the actual number that is in there. And if you have multiple bank accounts, you can like obviously add them up. But see if there is a difference, right? Is it higher or lower? Is it or is it right where you want it to be. And the most important part of this is if it is lower than what you would like it to be what would make you feel so safe, right? Like, we're not saying like a million dollars, right? Because of course, like everyone wants more, but this is like safety, right? This is like this would make you just be able to take a deep breath. So if it is lower than that amount, technically, you are not living in your comfort zone. And when we are not living in our comfort zone, it makes our fight or flight senses go off, it makes it hard for your nervous system to stay regulated to to be able to operate and high frequency high vibe energy. And so now if it is lower, this becomes our focus, right? And what is that difference? So for example, just so we can like, get concrete here. Let's say it would make you feel so safe. If there was$1,000 in your personal account, right? Like that would just help you be able to like, okay, breathe, right? You always know your energetic financial minimum is $1,000. Right? So you wrote that on your piece of paper, you then logged into your bank account, and let's say there's 500 in there, right? So in order to get back into your comfort zone and expanded, we are at a gap of $500 In this example, okay? So this becomes the focus. This is how we expand your comfort zone when it comes to money. I want you to imagine that you then fill the $500 How amazing is that going to feel? Right? This also helps you make financial decisions, because you have now told yourself, this is what makes me feel so safe. And so I'm going to protect it at all cost, right. And so your now focus for the next 30 days is how can you increase and close the gap? Whether it be close it fully or close it 50%? But you start to brainstorm what that could look like? Is it signing a new client? Is it canceling a few things? Is it running a flash sale? Is it increasing your pricing? Is it a few of those things or other things that I haven't mentioned. And you're going to go in problem solving mode with focusing on your comfort zone, your safety around money, the most beautiful part that I have witnessed time and time again, for myself and other women that I work with deeply is once we can get you to a safe standpoint with your money, take the stress away, take the pressure away, you are going to find that you radically quantum leap to amounts of money that maybe you can't fathom yet. Right. And it's so hard to fathom right now because your brain and subconsciously we don't feel safe. So it's harder to dream. It's harder to go for that bigger dollar amount when we don't feel safe right now. And so this is really why I want you reading or listening to the book that I've talked about the comfort zone. It's in my backpack right now. Big Has this is what she talks about, like, we would all be millionaires if we felt safe, right, we would all be in super healthy conditions and like taking care of our bodies, if we felt safe, we're told by the whole world that we, we have to push ourselves that we have to exhaust ourselves. And women don't want to do that. Right. So then there's like this weird funky energy, there's this friction, where you're like, but I want to feel good, right. And so we're gonna be talking about this all month long. But I wanted to start with this. And we're gonna go deep with money, specifically all month long. But again, know that you can do this for all areas of your life. Just here in quantum, we're going to be focusing on money. So I want you to brainstorm how you can close the gap. And also feel what it feels like to feel safe. So what I mean by this is, if you said $1,000, or $5,000, or 10,000, that number doesn't matter. Because it's, it matters when it's specific to you. And it matters of like, this is our new energetic minimum, of course, I want you to have more, but what is that like? Bare minimum non negotiable, right? That would make you feel so incredibly safe. Okay. And I want you to visualize, okay, so like I'm closing my eyes, because I'm parked right now, I want you to visualize that that amount of money is now in your account, put your hands on your heart. Feel what it feels like to have that dollar figure, you see it. You feel it, take a few deep breaths in and out. And then you're going to open up your eyes, you're going to take one aligned action that you know is going to help you get to that dollar figure. Okay, so maybe the first action that you think of is going and canceling something, okay, that's like a really easy thing that we can do. Right? That is going to keep you having more money. All right, I'm super excited to dig in all month long. And in regards to reading or listening to the book, go at your pace, I'm going to pull things out of that book and talk about them and expand upon them. But again, the whole point of that book, and what we're talking about this month, is for everything to feel so incredibly good for you imagine being able to become a millionaire. a multimillionaire with ease, flow and fun, right? Imagine having that amount of money that you said, and more and more and more along the way, but you always feel safe, you always feel amazing, you always feel peaceful, you always feel happy and excited, and doesn't mean that you're not gonna have periods of time where you know, your emotions fluctuate, that's normal. But we know exactly how to stay and shift back into this beautiful comfort zone, that's just going to keep expanding, expanding and expanding. The world tells us that you have to hustle and grind and get uncomfortable. And I just want you to really wrap your head around, there could be a different way. And this is it that we're talking about all month long. So super excited for you to dig into all the book. It is truly remarkable. I know it's gonna serve you and feel amazing and just really like drive everything home of what I'm talking about this month. Again, go at your pace, focus on closing that gap, new energetic minimum, and really visualize and feel into it, and start to call those feelings in more right even outside of money. How can you feel safer, outside of money, because that's only going to make you feel safer with money? Okay, how can you feel more excited around money? So outside of money? How can you be more excited, right? Literally, you can start to say I'm excited, right? Or I'm looking forward to doing this thing and that will spill over to money. All right. So we'll be talking all about this all month long. I'm just so excited for you. All right, you know exactly what to do. You're amazing. High five. You've got this one teeny tiny step at a time is how we expand your comfort zone and how we get to big big, big money goals with ease, float and fun. Alright, I love you